Nothing scares a puppy owner more than the word parvo.  If your pup shows signs of parvo here is a very successful way to treat them at home with an excellent survival rate. Most people cannot afford the treatment for parvo from a vet that can run  $1000  or more and your pup may not survive and die alone. Check out the reviews of these very grateful pup owners that saved their pups themselves at home. They do survive using Amber Technologies Paxxin and Vibactra Plus.

Complete printable self help guide

You will need PAXXIN  ( previously called PARVAID) and VIBACTRA PLUS
I always have a bottle of each of these products on hand at my house just incase anyone in our area needs them. You can get them overnighted to you also but the sooner you get your pup started on these products the better his chances of surviving.

You may also order from Wolf Creek Ranch here in California

Know the symptoms

It is almost spring here and that means warmer temperatures. 

Parvo and Feline Distemper starts to spread more significantly in warmer temperatures.  If you are a pet owner, be prepared.

Parvo and Feline Distemper are a common and potentially deadly viral disease that can affect puppies and kittens by attacking their intestinal tract.  Parvo and Feline Distemper affects puppies and kittens much more frequently than adult dogs and cats, especially in the critical period between weaning from the mother and the build-up of their own immune system.

When Parvo and Feline Distemper is introduced into the body, it finds its way into the lymphatic glands of the animal where it incubates.  Life Cell Support cleans and protects the lymphatic system.

Eventually, the virus spreads from the glands and works its way into the intestinal tract where it begins the process of eating away the lining causing symptoms such as:


Diarrhea – (often starts with a yellow tinge in Parvo)




High Fever

Parvaid & Kitty Distempaid are designed to help eliminate the virus in the intestinal tract by calming the stomach to relieve vomiting and diarrhea, building the immune system, and working against the viruses.

The viruses start to work its way into the marrow of the bone and attacks the white blood cells causing the puppies and kittens to be susceptible to secondary infections (this is why we recommend Vibactra Plus, an All-Natural anti-biotic).  Secondary symptoms appear as severe gastrointestinal distress, such as:


Bloody diarrhea (dark brown runny stools, color of brick)

High fever




Death can follow

In some cases of Parvo and Kitty Distemper, it is possible for intestinal tract to become swollen.  Since the viruses shed through the bowl movements, this can cause the viruses to localize in one spot, and even rupture the intestinal tract.  Adizone and Adizone C (for cats) are an anti-inflammatory that can help prevent the swelling before or after swelling starts.  If your pets are not having any bowel movements, this may be an indication of a swollen intestinal tract.

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Products we recommend for parvo and kitty distemper:

Parvaid – Helps puppies overcome the Canine Parvovirus

Kitty Distempaid – Helps kittens overcome Feline Distemper

Vibactra Plus – Helps with secondary infections

Life Cell Support – Helps clean the lymphatic system

Adizone (Adizone C for cats) – Helps prevent or control swelling in the intestinal tract

Parvaid Testimonials:

“Thank you for the medicine. She’s fat, active, and happy again. She’s eating regular again and  her stool was only a little loose yesterday. Her bowel movements are firming up and she hasn’t vomited since Friday. Again, thank you so much. I was so worried about her.  I haven’t allowed myself to have a dog in so long because I just don’t seem to be very lucky with it. I haven’t had a puppy for about ten years now and I had to wait a year and half for Tiny Puggles. Then, when she became ill less than 3 weeks after obtaining her I just fell apart. I was crying in the vets office because I couldn’t afford their care and they wouldn’t keep her without cash or credit. I found you when I was at my wits end the day they had me take her home and she wasn’t well yet. Please feel free to use this when advertising for the PARVAID because I know she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t have it.”   – Audrey Wolfer, Martinsburg

“My name is Christina and my puppy’s name is Sassy (3 months old). My puppy just experienced a terrible sickness “Parvo” last weekend. I took her to the vet on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. The vet wanted to keep her in the hospital. He said she might have a case of the Parvovirus and she only has a 50/50 survival rate. I was devastated!!!  I had $90.00 credit at the vets because prior to her getting sick that Saturday morning, she received her first set of vaccinations (6 in 1 plus de-wormer). When I took her in Tuesday they advised me to put her down and use my credit towards her, I said no, give her a chance. I went home researched on the Internet and came across the blessed herbal products from Amber Technology (Parvaid and Vibactra Plus). I was blessed to notify Amber Technology the following morning the use of their products and remedies were a MIRACLE. Within hours of taking the product, my puppy sat up and amazed me, around 4 am after drinking oat water and liver puree she wanted out of her cage to go outside and use the restroom, and by noon she was eating and drinking all alone!!  Now she is eating bland food which includes meatball soup with vegetables and rice. After 2 days of the Parvaid and Vibactra Plus, she is running and playing as if nothing  ever happened to her. I just want to thank the Amber Technology staff for the positive support and recommendations and SAVING MY PUPPY. Also, the SAVINGS FROM THE VET BILL, because they wanted to keep her in the hospital for 5-7 days. And with Parvaid and Vibactra Plus she was only in there one day and I came home to fix and prepare what I needed for the sake of my puppies life. Once again I could have not made it without Amber Technology and staff, blessings to you ALL!!”    – Love, Christina & Sassy –

“I would like to thank you for saving my dogs life. A year ago my dog had parvo. The vet gave me a quote of 6-8 hundred dollars. He was near death when the Parvaid arrived. Wasn’t eating, wasn’t moving…hardly breathing. After the dose of Parvaid every 15 min for an hour…he was eating and running around on the couch. This truly saved his life. I tell everyone about this site. Thank you so much.”      – Kelly Weiland

Our 3 puppies came down with Parvo and we were BLESSED to find Parvaid and Vibactra Plus!! Within a day, our puppies were drinking water again and started to wag their tails (a tremendous site to see after you experience your normally happy puppy lifeless). Within two days my puppies were eating and drinking and behaving much more like a puppy should. Without these products, I know they would not have made it. Conventional vet treatment is very pricey and with 3 puppies, we just couldn’t afford it. I wholeheartedly believe in all of Amber Techs products!!! I wouldn’t give my dogs anything else when it comes to their health!! Thanks again!!

-Sarah W., Canton, GA-

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful products. Our puppy got sick last week & we are certain it was the beginning stages of Parvo. Thankfully we caught it in the lethargy stage & it didn’t get to vomiting & diahrreah. We used both Parvaid & Vibactra Plus & she was showing a little improvement within several hours & a lot of improvement within one day. We live in Stansbury Park. We bought it at Rock Star Pets in Tooele & I will be spreading the word to all in need of your products.

–Renae Woodard, Stansbury Park, Utah-  

Hi my name is Jackie and I wanted to send a very heartfelt thanks to everyone who created Parvaid…It literally saved my puppies life. His sister “Sammy” passed away on the 23rd of May 2012 and he got sick on the 24th…I started looking for a home remedy to treat Parvo. Because I don’t get a lot of money each month and couldn’t afford the vet bill to cure him from Parvo…I found Parvaid.. I pawned my computer to get the money for it and was able to get the Parvaid and Colloidal Silver and treated him as recommended… 45 hours later he ate and began to play…now he is running and talking and playing as if nothing was ever wrong with him. So from my heart…and my kids hearts… We whole heartedly say Thank You so much…you have a permanent customer and a believer in holistic medicine now. I will always have Parvaid around my house from this day forward. Thanks again with all my love and Love from “Boss” we love you …thanks.

              Jackie, Raven, Cody and Boss

I just wanted to thank you very much for your product Parvaid. Thanks to it I was able to save my four month old puppy Hunter, I couldn’t get help from veterinarians without handing over hundreds of dollars which I did not have. I am very grateful that I found your product online, I was able to find it in a store not too far from home and Hunter began improving within hours! I am very grateful for your very effective and inexpensive product. You gave little Hunter a second chance and I cannot thank you enough, thank you very very much.
–  Johnny Moreno & Codey Waldron   – 


My 7 week old puppy, Juliet got diagnosed with Parvo, Monday Sept. 17.  My mom took her to the vet and gave her the bad news, so she was going to have her put down cuz it would cost $1,100 for the vet to keep her for a week to treatment.  He said that still wouldn’t save her.  I told my mom to just bring her home cuz if she was going to go; I wanted her with the people that love her.  I got the Parvaid on Tuesday and started giving it to her orally.  It wasn’t doing anything and I started getting depressed with her.  She wasn’t eating or drinking.  Wednesday morning she was doing so badly and I didn’t think she would last till 8pm.  Well 8pm came and went and I was surprised.  But she still wasn’t any better.  Thursday morning around 12:30am I decided I was going to try and give it to her as an enema.  Couple hours later she drank some water but she was so happy, she drank too much and vomited it up 10min later.  I kept giving it to her rectally, since I noticed a difference.  Yesterday when she woke up she started scavenging for food, so I went and got her canned food and she chowed it down.  I was so happy.  I really didn’t think Parvaid was going to work but it did.  It is now Saturday and she is her hyper, toe-biting, cat attacking, puppy like she was last Sunday.  I’m glad it really worked.

~Shawna Green~

I am so blessed to have found your company.

My dog Trixi ran away, which was a devastating event in and of itself.. I never gave up looking for her, every day I was on the pound website and the SPCA site trying to see if someone had picked her up. I looked down every alley and in every yard when I was driving around. I made a ‘Lost Dog’ sign and continued to be hopeful that she would return home. It was one day from being two weeks that she had been gone, and in the meantime, we had gotten another puppy, which we named Lola, for my three year old daughter.

On the Saturday morning at 8:30am, my boyfriend’s mom and younger brother woke us up, to the exciting news that one of our neighbors had found Trixi laying under my car!!! She had come home!! It felt so surreal- it really was a miracle. She was so skinny, so dirty, and very hungry.. but still SO full of energy. She immediately connected with Lola, and it was like she was never gone.

And then on the following Thursday, she began to throw up. As the night progressed, her condition got worse, and she became really lethargic, not eating, and throwing up every 30 minutes or so. I know Parvo is a very contagious virus, and assumed that this was it. She never stopped trying to drink water on her own, although throwing it up immediately, it gave me hope. But I was up every hour Thursday night, giving her Pedialyte and it didn’t seem to be helping. I researched on medicine that was available, as I cannot afford vet bills.

On Friday, after I left work early, I purchased Parvaid and immediately went home to give it to her. I gave her the medicine as instructed, and she still kept throwing up and having bloody poop. I was beginning to lose hope, but never lost my faith. I kept giving her the medicine and lots of TLC and on Saturday afternoon she began to show interest in food. By Sunday morning, she was trying to eat more and today, which is a Tuesday, she is back to normal! She is still so skinny, but she is eating great, has more energy than ever, and has the life back in her eyes.

I could not have done it without your medicine. I am truly thankful and plan to get the Vibactra Plus for the two dogs.

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful medicine! I will definitely recommend this to anyone who comes across the horrible virus of Parvo.

~Kalina Byrd~

Hi, my female Rotti had Parvo in 2002. (she was about a month old) I had been giving her penicillin (1/2 of a human tab), pedialite (with a dropper) and nutri-cal, a hi calorie goop sold at PetSmart. She was holding her own for a while, but nothing to make me get excited. At the same time, a friend of mine also had a pup that was younger than mine. (about 2 months old). A friend of ours heard about our dogs and, as I was leaving for work (appx. 5:30 pm.), he came walking up and gave my friend something. When I got home from work and was tending to my dog, my boyfriend and I were discussing what my friends reaction was going to be WHEN her dog died. I was POSITIVE that her dog wouldn’t make it through the night.

Well I was VERY wrong. At about 9:00 am, she came running in my back door, screaming, and laughing. She asked me if I knew how she woke up that morning. Then told me that she was woke up by her dog jumping on the side of her bed wanting to play. She gave me what was left of the medicine that our friend had brought over to give to my dog. Which I did, at about 9 a.m. At about 3pm, she was up and wanting to go outside.

The medicine our friend brought over was PARVAID! It was a miracle!!

As I understand it, Vets don’t use it because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. Well of course they won’t approve it because can you imagine how much money vets money vets would lose a year if people didn’t bring their dying dogs in for treatment?? My boyfriend did and they “gave him a break” and only charged him half, $300.00 because the dog died.

Then, he brought another puppy he had at the same time and asked me to try and help him. Which I did, with pedialite, penicillin, and nutri-cal. Plus force-feeding him with water in an eyedropper. A few days later he was better and pretty much back to normal. I hadn’t heard of Parvaid at that time. But before I or anyone I know have to deal with Parvo, I will get some Parvaid. It’s much easier on the dog and you. As a matter of fact, I plan on buying two or three bottles of Parvaid for people I know that have the same problem and can’t afford it. IT IS NOTHING LESS THAN A MIRACLE!!!                      – Debbie Johnson –

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