Micro Chips And Cancer

In Honor of Noble Leon

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Here’s a factual example, it happened to my very dear friend Rosie:

Many times when you need your insurance to pay a claim, say a claim from that microchip you decided to have removed  because you found out they cause cancer and your dogs microchip was placed between the shoulder blades as many are but it had already migrated down into Katies leg in a years time. They had to find the migrated chip with the chip scanner when it was no where to be found. So not only had it migrated but the vet that performed the surgury also happens to be an oncologist that she had to “clean up” the tissue around the chip because it was already precancerous.

So Rosie was given the chip, which is by the way made by Bayer so she could contact Bayer because adverse reaction should be reported right? Well Bayer did nothing and Rosie’s insurance did nothing, her claim was not paid by her insurance company, denied.

Perfect example of what your pet insurance company can do for you. By the way this insurance company is promoted and endorsed by the AKC. The AKC is also another business that profits from our animals but does nothing to help the animals when informed of abuse, neglect, horrific hot, filthy conditions and unethical sales by a Standard Poodle breeder I reported to the AKC. Nothing was done for those dogs, nothing and my reporting was not even acknowledged by the AKC. That’s what the AKC can do for you. Kennel inspections by the AKC are few and far in between.

One thought on “Micro Chips And Cancer

  1. So sorry to hear about what happened to Rosie’s poor pet from a microchip implant! I have never liked the concept of injecting a chip into any animal for the purpose of tracking device; surely we can figure out a better way to do it than this toxic and cancerous system. I have never chipped any of my pets and after reading this along with the chipmenot statistics my mind is made up; no microchipping any of my pets no matter what!! Thank you for sharing such a sad and tragic tale – it was eye opening and shocking and I will be sure to tell every other petowner I come in contact with out there too about this!!


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