Masticatory Muscle Myositis aka MMM

***********DOCTOR THAT CAN HELP YOU************

Dr. Michael Dym He IS taking new clients and works via phone consult worldwide.

Masticatory Muscle Myositis,  this horrific auto immune disease is caused by vaccines. It attacks the 2M fiber muscles of the head and face. If you have my pups please get very familiar with symptoms because it MUST be addressed immediately. Time is of the essence because the muscles of the skull atrophy and deteriorate within weeks and the damage is not reversible.


Clean their organs, mercury and thimerisol are in vaccines. I use this Internal Gold Detox Kit   by Amber Technology . I buy the 4 .oz bottles for an extended detox. I have seen amazing results after detoxing. Give twice a day.

I also give Now Organic chlorella to help remove mercury from the liver and   real Vitamin D3 by Nutrigold and Jarrow MSM to help with inflammation. I used this combo on a 8 month old Standard I boarded for 1 month that was showing signs of MMM as if MMM was lurking getting ready to go full blown. She had been vaccinated for rabies 2 months prior to be flown to California. Her eyes had severe inflammation and were sinking backwards. By the time she left me she was in great shape, but 2 days later her symptoms returned because her guardian did not continue with the above treatment. By no means do I think this is a cure I would consult with one of the 2 homeopathic doctors I have listed below, Dr. Michael Dym of Florida or Dr. Will Falconer of Texas. They both work via phone consult and will mail you the remedy.

Our Kona had not had any vaccines including a Rabies vaccine in over 3 years because I ran titer tests on him to prove immunity to our local animal control. I also have lifetime vaccine waivers now for all of my dogs because they are very susceptible to vaccine reactions and auto immune diseases, tumors and cancer from generations of over vaccination which is inherited. Yes, accumulated vaccination is passed to the next generation this is called inherited vaccinosis. This is the result from decades of the misuse of vaccines.

Symptoms our Kona experienced: Eating slower than usual, not opening mouth much, drinking slow with tongue not coming out very far to lap up water, face extremely sensitive to touch, not able to open mouth, scream in pain if you try to open mouth, lock-jaw, third eyelid protruding (thought it was a spider bite), eyes “sinking” in, drooling, face had a sunken look within 4 weeks like a skull. Then he developed a secondary infection with green mucus coming from his eyes and nose at about week 5 with still no diagnosis. Finally at week 6 I found a vet that took one look at all of Kona’s records from our Holistic vet and palpated Kona’s skull and determined MMM. He stated he had 2 more patients in his practice at the moment with MMM a Boxer and a Labrador, so you see this is effecting all breeds not just Standard Poodles. If your dog has any of these symptoms tell your vet that MMM is most  likely the culprit so they do not waste precious time trying to figure out a diagnosis while you waste time, thousands of dollars and your precious dog suffers from testing and pain of MMM.

Have your vet draw blood to check for MMM it is called the 2ME Antibody test and this is the lab the vet needs to send it to

Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory
Biomedical Sciences Building, Room 2095
9500 Gilmore Dr.
La Jolla, Ca 92093

PH# 858.534.1537

Please note- If your dog is already on prednisone the 2M test will come back as a false negative. Meaning don’t waist your $ or time on this test if your dog is already on pred.

We were given prednisone by the conventional vet as the only treatment option. Soooo I took the pred because by this time Kona’s eyes were sinking so far back into his skull that he could not see. Now that I finally had a diagnosis I immediately started calling holistic vets trying to find someone to help us. I called 8 more vets in all and none had any experience with MMM and thankfully they were honest with me and would give me a phone number of a colleague or refer me to  someone else but it was deadend after deadend.  What I have learned is that this was a rare unheard of auto immune disease at one time but has become quite prevalent due to over vaccination and inherited vaccinosis. This page is the most visited page of my website with visitors from all over the World.

Kona was our youngest and from the moment he was born into my hands he was after my heart. I still can’t believe how horribly this has all ended for my Boy. I’m furious and my heart is still broken 9 years after his death. All from vaccines and allopathic “medicine” of steroids and antibiotics. Poison after poison after poison. Poisons will not cure, they may mask the symptoms temporarily only to manifest into another disease. Wake up allopath’s!! Kona developed MRSA shortly after starting prednisone which spread like a wildfire and he became fully engulfed in staph that could not be controlled due to the prednisone suppressing his immune system to try and control MMM so he could eat and drink. There was not 1 square inch of his body that did not have staph on it.

***********DOCTOR THAT CAN HELP YOU************

Dr. Michael Dym He IS taking new clients

Valid treatment information here from Doctor Dym’s colleague Dr. Falconer:

Hi Stacey,

My guess is any homeopath who’s engaged in full time homeopathic practice has a good chance of curing it, but every case will be somewhat different, as is true in any chronic disease. A good homeopath takes that into account in his prescribing, so he’s only prescribing for the animal in front of him, not for the disease label, if that makes sense to you.

Mind you, as deep seated chronic disease, it’ll take time and attention to symptom details to get to cure. As it’s autoimmune in nature, I’d also be heavily supplementing the immune system along with the homeopathy.

The AVH site I link to here [ ] shows the percent of one’s practice that’s devoted to homeopathy, and also lists who’s taken the trouble to get certified. I’d be looking for someone fully engaged in homeopathy who’s a certified vet homeopath, and odds are, he/she could effect cure.

And yes, I think it’s safe to say MM, like all autoimmune diseases, is a manifestation of vaccinosis. There’s nothing more confusing to the immune system than injecting viruses into a body, completely bypassing the natural route of exposure the immune system has adapted to over millennia.
Here is Dr. Falconers contact info

Using Dr. Dym or Dr. Falconer would be my 1st choice~~~~They have experience with MMM and do treat it very successfully.

I’m a big fan of Neprofin now. It is an enzyme powder that relieves inflammation.

Pain Plus is a potent herbal pain tablet, just crush and mix with something soft such as cottage cheese. MMM dogs can choke very easily, please learn how to give the Heimlich Maneuver to your dog in case of choking. It’s very easy and effective.

Natural antibiotic called Vibactra Plus I would start on this right away to head off sinus infection or any other infection to come. Vibactra Plus may be given with the Internal Gold Detox kit as well.

Bovine colostrum for immune support. I would start on this right away.

I would also give grape seed extract or grapefruit seed extract as an antioxidant and vitamin C   . Give both 3 times a day to help support the immune system.

Lastly, if you feed kibble stop. Kibble contributes to the inflammation. Switch to nutritious home cooked meals or to very high quality raw foods.

ALL of the products I have listed here will not interfere with homeopathy, so they can be used without worry. Give them 3 times a day except the Vibactra Plus, give that 4 times a day.

If I was granted one wish in my life I would ask for my dogs back and I would change everything that I thought I was doing right.

Here is a nice blog full of helpful information

How I Saved My Dog’s Life With Homeopathy and Raw Food – See more at:

Kona and Cousin Callum playing tag.
Kona and Cousin Callum playing tag.

I suppose there are more ways to cure MMM so I’m sharing this acupuncture treatment below.

Feb. 2013, Just found this online for treatment of MMM. Find a good vet trained in acupuncture.

Therapeutic rationale for treatment of this is geared to reduce inflammation without using prednisone or other steroids.

Traditional Chinese Medicine dictates that Masticatory myositis often appears to be caused by Blood deficiency. An herbal formula that may be used for this is Bu Gan Tang (Nourish the Liver Decoction). Patients that benefit from this usually have no or minimal evidence of spleen compromise or dampness changes (mucoid stools, very gassy).
Jia Wei Si Wu Tang (Augmented Four Materials Decoction) may also be beneficial for this condition on older dogs like yours. The starting dose of granular concentrate is 60mg per pound of body weight or approximately 1/4 teaspoon per 15 pounds of body weight divided into 2 daily doses.

Acupuncture is a very important part of the treatment of masticatory myositis!
Points to consider include LIV 3 and SP 6 to nourish Blood and Yin, LI 4 to regulate the face, and St 6 and BL 7. The practitioner should also consider BL 17, BL 18, ST 36 and CV 12 to help engender Liver Blood. Other useful points are ST 7 and ST 10.

Antioxidants naturally help to reduce inflammation. They are both beneficial and safe for this condition and are recommended to be used along with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Carnitine, Vitamin E and Selenium are the three anti-oxidants that have proven to be helpful for many cases of masticatory myositis in dogs. A therapeutic trial of an antioxidant combination is safe and warranted. A product currently available, that is a natural, safe, patented antioxidant combination called VitaLife may be a valid consideration for  your dog.

I hope this information is helpful to you and if I can offer any other suggestions, it would be my pleasure.

Thank you,
Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM


My name is Paula, and I have a 2 year old lab.  She was diagnosed with MMM about a month ago.  It was her turning her head sideways one morning when I gave her some crust from my toast that really made me aware that something was wrong.  She had be laying around a bit more, but I thought maybe it was the heat.  Anyway, over the last month she has been on heavy prednisone.  The old addage that the treatment is worst than the disease.  I have began to taper her off, but it has come back.  I was reading the article from Dr. Carol Osborne about her poodle.  Can you tell me how Kona is 4 months after the natural treatments?  My heart is breaking and the sadness is sometimes engulfing.  Trying to know what is best for her.  I had already found ‘Angel’s Story’ with the treatment from Dr. Karen Becker….the internet can be a good thing sometimes.  If you have anything that would help me, I would appreciate it. 

I love the good you do in the world. 


Paula Williams

If you have any of my Standard Poodles you must not vaccinate them ever again FOR ANYTHING. 2 Rabies vaccines proved to be too much for Kona so certainly any 3 year Rabies  “booster” requirement will surely spur this auto immune disease in your dog. Find a Holistic vet and tell them about your dogs family history, get a lifetime vaccine waiver.

21 thoughts on “Masticatory Muscle Myositis aka MMM

  1. I have a four year old standard poodle who had MMM diagnosed by blood test sent to lab when he was around one year old. He had no symptoms other than the point on his head but litter mate was diagnosed and had a great deal of treatment. It was our litter of 10 pups and we kept two. We have the mom but breeder provided the dad. With no significant symptoms we used prednisone and imaran for a few months then elected to have no further treatment. Have been observing this great dog for symptoms. He smacks mouth more than the other two poodles but he has good mouth movement and I encourage him to make a sound with his mouth to get treats or ask for a walk etc. every day. He is trim (normal) in build and energetic. His appetite is good. He does not catch a ball in his mouth as well as the other two but retrieves the newspaper every day from our drive way. Our vet has not had any suggestions and is not very familiar with the disease. He did some research on it before getting the correct blood test. I keep waiting and dreading that he will have an acute attack. Any suggestions? I gathered from your article that I should avoid repeat yearly rabies shots (required in TN). Should I ask vet for some type of waiver so I can still get him groomed. The groomer wants to see that the dog is up to date on required shots.



    1. Toby your vet should give you a “Lifetime Vaccine Waiver” for your boy, in fact I would ask for a waiver for all of your dogs since they are related and you have already had litter mates develope this autoimmune disease as well-I have lifetime vaccine waivers for all of our Standards now. I would also find a holistic vet, further vaccination of any kind will only exaserbate his condition. The point on his head is there because all of the muscles that used to be there over the skull have turned to dust. I would also speak to my groomer and see if she would give you a personal waiver or find another groomer that will. Just 2 rabies vaccines proved to be to much for our dogs to handle.
      My heart goes out to you.


  2. Thanks for your post. My mini-poodle is currently being tested for MMM. After an exam of his mouth, jaw, and head he recommended the test. Your post is very informative. Thanks


  3. Arggh, what a heartbreak. A number of us attribute MM to distemper vaccination, as it has a predilection for this area. If you look up symptoms of distemper, it includes “chewing gum fits,” where the masseter muscles are spasming, causing this chewing motion involuntarily. So, definitely a form of vaccinosis, and as such, homeopathy is my go to medicine for it, but always tailored to the individual.

    I’ve only see a couple of masseter emaciation cases, and one is recently in my care. The prior one was a very old dog who really came alive with treatment but did not regain muscle mass on top of his skull. He didn’t seem to care! All I heard over the years since I started until he died was how people thought he was a pup, even though he was in his mid-teens.


    1. You know Doc, my MMM page gets more visits than any other page on my site. Which leads me to think that MM is becoming a very big problem. Did you see Dr. Margo Roman’s letter on MMM? Her Standard Poodle went into liver failure and MM after giving her the 2nd rabies vaccine.
      You are having good results with homeopathy to cure MMM? I would love to be able to send people in the right direction when they look at this site, so I want to be sure Im presenting accurate info. and help. Would it be better to say that MMM is caused by vaccines in general?
      All my best, Stacey


  4. Hi Stacey,

    My guess is any homeopath who’s engaged in full time homeopathic practice has a good chance of curing it, but every case will be somewhat different, as is true in any chronic disease. A good homeopath takes that into account in his prescribing, so he’s only prescribing for the animal in front of him, not for the disease label, if that makes sense to you.

    Mind you, as deep seated chronic disease, it’ll take time and attention to symptom details to get to cure. As it’s autoimmune in nature, I’d also be heavily supplementing the immune system along with the homeopathy.

    The AVH site I link to here [ ] shows the percent of one’s practice that’s devoted to homeopathy, and also lists who’s taken the trouble to get certified. I’d be looking for someone fully engaged in homeopathy who’s a certified vet homeopath, and odds are, he/she could effect cure.

    And yes, I think it’s safe to say MM, like all autoimmune diseases, is a manifestation of vaccinosis. There’s nothing more confusing to the immune system than injecting viruses into a body, completely bypassing the natural route of exposure the immune system has adapted to over millennia.


  5. Hi, my 5 year old Siberian husky has Masticatory Myositis. Dr. Becker is not available until August. My holistic vet said he couldn’t help except for maybe acupuncture. Can you please help us pinpoint the herbs and plant sterols needed?? I don’t want to put my poor boy on steroids. He was double vaccinated for the rabies when he was a puppy, I didn’t know then what I know now. He got vaccinated at 14 weeks, and they said the state of CA will not recognize the vaccine unless it was given at 16 weeks. So two weeks later, he had another one. Then again at 1 year to which he had an extremely bad reaction to. After that, we have discontinued all vaccines, but are still paying for it. 😦 can you please help us?! I am desperate, and will do anything to help him get over this.


    1. Hello Nanette,
      I’m so sorry to hear you and your Siberian are going through this. If I was in this situation again I would contact Dr. Will Falconer since Dr. Becker is booked so far out. From what I have learned is that there is more than 1 way to heal MMM.
      Here is Dr. Falconer’s phone: (512)-288-5400 and email
      see what he thinks. He is very good and does have experience with MMM. Give him a call today.
      All my best,


  6. Hi, If someone could post Dr. Beckers protocol for MM it would be immensely healthy. If she’s booked 8 months out, my dog doesn’t have that much time. 97 lb black lab, MM on one side only, complete collapse of upper and lower masticatory muscles on rt side. Can barely open his mouth, yips in pain when he tries to yawn, no longer fetches the ball or rope. This happened very quickly after he was given 2 vaccine shots for Lyme’s disease, and a few weeks before that a rash of booster shots. For instance, which plant sterols and in what dose, which brand and product.,, etc. Thanks for any help you can offer. I won’t give him Prednisone. He’s on nsaids in moderation and has had both eye and ear infections on the ride side due to the collapse per the vet. Cornell University had nothing good to say about the Lyme disease vaccines in a study they did. Anyway, help!


    1. Bill, the sterols Dr. Becker uses are made by a compounding pharmacy which require a prescription. I would contact Dr. Will Falconer for help and direction Here is Dr. Falconer’s phone: (512)-288-5400 and email
      see what he thinks. He is very good and does have experience with MMM. Give him a call today.
      All my best, Stacey


  7. My English Bulldog was diagnosed with MMM on Tues. His was a rapid onset that came out of the blue. He is a puppy mill survivor and i’m guessing never had any vaccines until Jan when he was auctioned off. He received his rabies vaccine that day Jan 4th and the rest of his normal vaccinations 2 weeks later. All was fine, nothing out of the ordinary until this past Monday evening when he acted like he cut his mouth or had a bad tooth. His whole left side was swollen by Tues morning including his eye and ear area. I took him to the vet Tues and he was dx by the bulldog specialist w/ MMM. He was given a shot of cortisone and started on high dose pred. We are on day 4 of the BID dosing and he’s finally feeling better. I know Dr. Becker is booked out 8 months and I’m 2 hrs from her office. Is there anyone who can Rx the TCM sooner than 8 months from now? I really don’t want Boomer on pred for the potentially 6 months it takes to control this. I have started him on Thieve’s Oil, Fish Oil, Coconut Oil and ACV and he is finally eating again. Any suggestions in the Chicagoland area??


    1. Julie,
      Call Dr. Becker anyways you never know she could have an opening.
      I have also listed Dr. Will Falconer’s contact info. he has experience with MMM as well.
      All the best,


  8. I have a 9 year old Japanese Mastiff who’s health has deteriorated in the last few weeks. The left side of his skull caved in and now he cries when he eats or I try to look in his mouth. He has become very sluggish and I can see he is in pain. I can’t take him to the vet for another week. Is there anything you can recommend I do to make him comfortable in the meantime?


  9. Great info for many
    I have not done shots for my babies since the early 70’s so very fortunate that I had the gumption to go up against vets
    People that “don’t know” think I am nuts but I just know that they are ignorant .
    doG Bless


  10. Golden Retriever with Masticular Myositis Relapse
    My 10 year old golden retriever came down with MMM in March 2014 (one week after receiving her Rabies vaccine). We noticed it when she wouldn’t eat and when we took her on a hike and she was foamy at the mouth because she couldn’t open her mouth enough to pant. The vet prescribed Prednisone, which we she was on for the next 4 months (about 20 mg. 2x per day). Blood tests were also sent to the San Diego lab, and the results came back inconclusive for MMM. We saw immediate results. Because our dog responded so well to the Prednisone and exhibited all of the symptoms of MMM, the vet concluded that she did have MMM. By June she was off Prednisone and not exhibiting any more MMM symptoms. Within 1 month she was exhibiting signs of low thyroid (listless, slow fur growth). Her vet prescribed .7 mg 2 x per day and had favorable results. Within 2 additional months we began to notice that our dog was having difficulty opening her mouth, drinking and chewing. Unsure whether Prednisone would have a favorable effect, the vet prescribed 20 mg 2 x per day for 4 days and 2 x per day for the next 3 days to see if the Prednisone would work. Within a week of beginning Prednisone (for the 2nd time) our dog lost most of the muscle in her head. Her head became pointy and her face was sunken in. The only suggestion that another vet 2nd opinion could offer was more Prednisone (which seemed to cause the muscle atrophy almost immediately the second time).

    I search and searched (desperate to find a solution to MMM) and found this blog, which gave me hope. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Becker (but the earliest I could get in was 3 months after my call and then only for a telephone appt). Short of waiting 3 months I located a naturopath veterinarian in Park City, Utah, Dr. Kim Hanneman. Dr. Hanneman took a complete history of our dog’s symptoms and treatments. She examined the dog thoroughly. Instead of giving her acupuncture (as I had expected and requested after reading this blog), Dr. Hanneman gave her a chiropractic adjustment. Before we left Dr. Hanneman’s office, Sunne had regained some mobility in her jaw. Within 3 hours, our dog picked up one of her toys for the first time in 6 months and played with it. Within 2 days, our dog had regained much of her jaw mobility back and continued improving over the course of the next month. Dr. Hanneman also prescribed a few herbs and a detox to the Rabies vaccine (which we have not yet started). The herbs may have helped, but the chiropractic adjustment was a miracle. Our dog is regaining muscle in her head and face. She can now use nearly all of the muscles in her head and face and lift her ears. Though I’m confident that we could have had similar and favorable results with Dr. Becker, we didn’t feel we could wait long and cancelled the appointment.

    We are amazed with our dog’s progress and feel very confident in her continued improvement.

    Our conclusions from this MMM experience with our dog are the following:

    1. If you can avoid giving your dog vaccines beyond their puppy vaccines, you may be able to avoid MMM.
    2. While Prednisone did have immediate positive results in arresting the MMM, it appeared to only aggravate (if not cause) muscle atrophy in her head and face, when Sunne had a relapse. We also question if the Prednisone may have caused another auto-immune condition (low-thryoid).
    3. If you have not already, seek out a competent naturopathic veterinarian to optimize your pet’s health. We love our normal veterinarian, but until you see such dramatic results from chiropractic or other alternative health care methodologies, neither you nor your vet think of it as a legitimate potential cure for your pet’s dis-eases.
    4. Keep searching for a solution beyond Predisone, if your dog gets MMM and doesn’t respond within a couple of days to Prednisone.
    5. While dogs can live with MMM for a long time, their expression is completely restricted and I noticed a real sense of apathy in our dog, so I really wanted to find a solution/cure, if possible.

    I hope this post gives some of you hope for your dog with MMM.


    1. Jennifer, MMM is an auto-immune disease. I suppose it is possible to get relief from a chiropractic adjustment but it cannot cure MMM. I would not put any faith in Dr. Becker, I heard she sold her practice and instead call Dr. Will Falconer or Dr. Michael Dym as stated above. All the best Stacey


  11. My border collie mix, Daisy, has been diagnosed with MMM. After a few false starts before the correct diagnosis, my vet has her on minimal prednisone (5 mg 3 X week). But we really got good results from cold laser and VOM therapy. Her muscle is actually coming back. It has taken several months of weekly, then bi-weekly treatments, but it is amazing to see the improvement. Cold laser also helped speed her recovery from TPLO surgery the year before.


  12. Our 11 year old choc lab has had a rapid decline in the last 3 weeks. Last year our vet concluded he had larpar. Three weeks ago we noticed his water dish was foamy and that he was not able to lap up water efficiently. We took him in, he had blood work down and a thyroid test, all came back clear and the vet advised us that the laspar may have progressed. In less than two weeks we noticed extreme lethary and his skull was protruding. In addition his left eye sunk in and all that could be seen was the third eyelid. We returned to the vet where they did a chest xray and a neuro consult. He has bilateral muscle weakness – in back left leg and right front paw. Due to the rapid muscle atrophy in the head they considered brain cancer. First, though they did an abdominal ultrasound which came back clear. The next option was a brain MRI which we decided may only give us answers but would not change his fate as we would not consider radiation for our loyal lab……we had done chemo with our previous lab and he died within two weeks and was miserable….so we opted to not do the MRI and were sent home with prednisone. Could his issue be MMM? Would there be bilateral muscle loss in the legs with MMM? I am thinking maybe not and wondering if I am just raising false hopes. Thanks for your help.


    1. Meghan, This is very sad news. Our Kona did not have muscle loss in his legs, but every case can be different. Has your vet tested for MMM? It will come back as a false negative now if you have already started pred before taking the blood to test for MMM, so don’t waste your time and money on it then. It sounds like you have already spent a fortune with your vet. If I were in your situation I would contact Dr. Will Falconer or Dr. Michael Dym, both are very familiar with autoimmune diseases and are brilliant vets. Go for the best is my advice. They work via phone consult and mail the medicine to you. Stacey


  13. I have a 6 yo chocolate lab. December 2014 he had TPLO surgery. He then developed an infection as a result of contamination during surgery and was placed on antibiotics, until April when he had the plate removed. A scraping was done and he was found to have an MSRP. During this time, he also developed MMM. By the time he was diagnosed, it was in a chronic state. He had lost all muscle mass in his temporal and jaw muscles. He still barks, eats, drinks, yawns, plays, etc., without noticeable difficulty. My understanding is that further damage will not occur, due to no muscle left to atrophy. I’m not sure where to go from here. Is he as bad as he’s going to get, or is there something else I should be doing?


    1. Karen,

      Contact Dr. Michael Dym or Dr. Will Falconer, they are our best hope for healing.
      Beware of allopathic “medicine” I have been were you are now. Contact either of these HOMEOPATHIC VETS, THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE STATES. Do not waste any more time with the vets you are working with.
      Best to you and your Labbie, my heart goes out to you.
      ♥ Trust in me. Stacey & the Gang


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