Adverse Reaction Risks for Vaccines  *

       “There is less risk associated with taking a blood sample for a titer test than giving an unnecessary vaccination.”

                        * Veterinary Medicine, February, 2002.


                           Titer Testing and Vaccination *

“While difficult to prove, risks associated with overvaccination are  an increasing concern among veterinarians. These experts say  antibody titer testing may prove to be a valuable tool in  determining  your patients’ vaccination needs.”

                    * Veterinary Medicine, February, 2002.


                                     Vaccine Titer Testing  *

“Research shows that once an animal’s titer stabilizes, it is likely to  remain constant for many years.”

                        * Veterinary Medicine, February, 2002.     


 Hmmmm, Veterinary Medicine stated all this 18 years ago, yet veterinarians continue to revaccinate our animals…because they know we cannot sue them in a malpractice suit. Times are a’ changing though. We need your voice to help end this crime and hold vets accountable for killing our precious animals. Visit my Catherine O’Driscoll page and sign our petitions, Support The Rabies Challenge Fund, contact  our California assemblymen on my Rabies Bill page. We need your voice to be heard.

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I find that almost everyday I do learn something new and I want to do right by my pack, they are my life. I can’t change the mistakes I have unintentionally made to their health, but I can move forward and try to do my best to make their lives healthier and share what I have learned with all my pup owners.     ______________________________________________________

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