Catherine O’Driscoll

 Catherine O’Driscoll is the founder of Canine Health Concern, a non-profit organization that seeks to help dog owners raise healthy, happy, vibrant dogs. Catherine has brought to light the truth about pet vaccines and promotes natural canine health care. Here is a must see 2 min video of Catherine and her beautiful dogs In search of the truth

Catherine lives in the UK. In June 2012, she spearheaded a campaign to forcefully persuade the British government to put an end to over vaccinating our animals. The next step will be the US government. Catherine asks her fellow animal lovers to write the British government to lend their voices to the campaign. You can help us by signing here supporters list. 

Her books “What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines” and “Shock To The System” have opened the eyes of thousands of pet owners world-wide. She also wrote “The Science Of Vaccine Damage”, please see our page of that title to read it.

Canine Health Concern and Pet Welfare Alliance

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